Paul Fletter is a seasoned Innovation Strategist, Quantitative Futurist, and Systems Integrator with an impressive track record in the global healthcare sector. Fusing a wealth of experience with AI-enhanced tools, Paul has revolutionized the innovation landscape, streamlining complex business processes and democratizing innovation. As the driving force behind Fletter Consulting Group, LLC, Paul leverages his strategic foresight to empower business leaders, helping them navigate their unique challenges and sculpt winning strategies. With an emphasis on the "big picture," Paul is redefining thought leadership, one forward-thinking solution at a time. Paul’s key to success lies in his strategic imperatives for authentic innovation: improving the quality of ideas upfront, expanding the diversity of inputs, and increasing the velocity to value. These guiding principles, coupled with his advisory and workshop facilitation skills, have seen him scale innovation disciplines and strategic foresight to a global level. Previously, Paul honed his skills at Hollister Incorporated, a global medical device company, where he pioneered the Innovation Management Office and an enterprise Technology Trend Sensing Program called Futurism. His innovative approach has since been the cornerstone of his methodology, helping clients translate their visions into reality. A compelling communicator and seasoned speaker, Paul has a knack for presenting complex concepts in an engaging, relatable manner. His military background in the United States Marine Corps underscores his leadership and problem-solving abilities. From programming languages like Python and Visual Basic to software like AutoCAD and SolidWorks, Paul’s technical prowess is wide-ranging. But it's his ability to merge these skills with a deep understanding of business strategy that sets him apart. Paul holds an MBA from the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management and a Bachelor of Science in Bioengineering from The University of Illinois. But it's his continual drive for learning and improvement that makes him a true futurist.

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Companies are leveraging AI strategies for greater efficiency and innovation. Core to successful AI is a strategic framework, prioritized data management, and custom tools for specific needs. AI alongside automation enhances business support and fosters industry transformation. Embracing AI catalyzes reimagining business potential, necessitating mastering integration for digital transformation success.

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