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After our call, you'll receive a personalized AI Readiness Evaluation, designed to assess your business’s preparedness for AI integration, revealing key areas for strategic development.

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Following the evaluation, engage in a comprehensive strategy session where we'll discuss your results and map out a clear, actionable plan for AI integration in your business.

The Difference

At Fletter Consulting Group, we understand the transformative power of AI in reshaping business landscapes. Our Complimentary AI Business Strategy Assessment is designed to seamlessly guide your business through the intricacies of AI integration, starting with a straightforward, personal conversation.

  • Effortless Process: Our assessment is designed for your convenience, providing deep insights without complexity.
  • Tailored Recommendations: Gain customized strategies that align with your specific business goals.
  • Expertise at Your Service: Leverage the knowledge and experience of our AI and business strategy specialists.
  • A Path to Innovation: Empower your business with the tools to innovate and lead in your industry.

Why Assess your AI Readiness?

This expertly designed assessment is your first step towards leveraging AI. It is based on the AI Strategy Mosaic Model and covers seven critical dimensions. 

You will gain:

AI Strategy dimensions

AI Strategy Mosaic

The AI Mosaic Model is a transformative framework that encompasses seven critical dimensions essential for ethical AI deployment in the business landscape. These dimensions include defining a clear vision and objectives for AI integration, establishing robust data infrastructure to support AI initiatives, nurturing AI talent and expertise within the organization, selecting the appropriate technology stack for AI implementation, implementing governance and ethics frameworks to ensure responsible AI use, driving seamless integration and adoption of AI solutions across the organization, and establishing monitoring mechanisms for continuous improvement and optimization of AI strategies. 

By embracing the AI Mosaic Model, businesses can navigate the complexities of AI deployment with precision and purpose, ensuring that their strategies are not only innovative but also ethically sound, driving sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

Innovate with Confidence

For business professionals seeking to unlock the full potential of AI within their organizations, the AI Mosaic Model offers a strategic roadmap tailored to their unique needs and aspirations. By taking the assessment and embracing the Mosaic Model, professionals can gain a comprehensive understanding of the critical dimensions that underpin successful AI deployment. From aligning AI initiatives with corporate values to fostering a culture of innovation and ethical governance, the Mosaic Model empowers businesses to harness the transformative power of AI responsibly and strategically. By leveraging the insights gained from the assessment, professionals can drive informed decision-making, foster cross-functional collaboration, and position their organizations as pioneers in the ethical AI landscape.

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"Our journey with Fletter Consulting transformed our approach to AI. The assessment was a game-changer."
Principal, Independent Financial Advisory Firm
"We gained invaluable insights through a process that was surprisingly simple yet thorough."
Human Resources Director, Non-Profit Organization
"Every step of the process was engaging and packed with valuable insights."
Owner, Small Digital Marketing Firm

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