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Welcome to Fletter Consulting Group, where innovation is an art form. Meet our Innovation GPT Team – shaping the future of your industry through visionary strategies, cutting-edge technology, and exceptional customer experiences.

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Amplify Your Creative Potential with
Our #1 Custom GPT: Idea Catalyst

“Never have we so effortlessly found so many actionable ideas. It’s creativity on tap!”

Meet Idea Catalyst: your ultimate innovation partner.

Designed specifically for innovation teams, this advanced tool automatically generates ideas. From sharpening your innovation challenge statement to auto-ideating through four dynamic thinking activitiesIdea Catalyst ensures your brainstorming sessions are both deep and diverse in ways you won’t imagine.

Whether you’re brainstorming solo or igniting group discussions, Idea Catalyst helps embed fresh, out-of-the-box perspectives directly into your innovation pipeline. 

Ready to transform the way you innovate? Click here to discover how Idea Catalyst can amplify your team’s creative power!

Unleash Innovation With any of Our Innovation Agents for Free on ChatGPT+

Unlock the full potential of our Financial GPTs with a ChatGPT+ subscription. Don’t have one yet? Subscribe through OpenAI, and enjoy these powerful tools at no extra cost beyond your ChatGPT+ account. 

Simply click on a GPT to begin. When you do, you’ll be directed to ChatGPT for interaction with the agent. Please note that you will no longer be on the Fletter Consulting Group website. Fletter Consulting Group will not have any knowledge of your usage. Rest assured, FCG does not have access to your conversations; they are securely stored within your ChatGPT account and are subject to OpenAI’s privacy policy. 

FCG does not view or collect any information shared on OpenAI or through the use of these GPTs.


Ingrid - The Innovation Architect

Ingrid is a master of transforming ideas into actionable innovation. Rethink possibilities and pioneer change with her expertise.
Architect Your Tomorrow!

Milo - The Tech Maverick

Milo navigates the tech frontier for unparalleled innovation. Embrace fearless innovation with Milo as your guide.
Find Future Tech Today!

Aria - The Customer Experience Catalyst

Aria bridges businesses and customers with exceptional experiences. Revolutionize loyalty and growth through Aria's insights.
Elevate Customer Experience!

Customer Insights Concierge

A professional with a focus on market trends and customer needs, essential for driving corporate innovation.
Delight Your Customers!

About Us

At Fletter Consulting Group, innovation is our lifeblood. We exist to empower businesses to reach unprecedented heights of success. Our passion lies in crafting visionary strategies, harnessing cutting-edge technology, and delivering exceptional customer experiences. We don’t just consult; we partner on your journey to redefine industries and create brighter futures.

Our mission is to pave the way for innovation excellence. With a legacy of success and an unwavering dedication to pushing boundaries, we stand ready to pioneer change, embrace the unknown, and rewrite the rules. Our Innovation GPT Team represent the vanguard of progress. Together, we’ll reshape industries, forge new paths, and unleash the power of visionary thinking.


"As a forward-thinking entrepreneur, FCG's Free GPT Innovation Agents have been a game-changer for my startup. They offer me real-world innovation strategies at no extra cost, helping me transform ideas into action. FCG, you're shaping the future of innovation!"
Serial Entrepreneur
"I'm a tech enthusiast, and FCG's Free GPT Innovation Agents have made it easy for me to explore cutting-edge solutions without any barriers. It's like having a team of innovation experts at my fingertips!"
Tech Enthusiast
"I work in a traditional industry, and FCG's Free GPT Innovation Agents have inspired us to embrace digital transformation. They're free for ChatGPT+ members and have simplified complex innovation concepts. FCG, you've made innovation accessible to businesses like ours."
Industry Professional

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