Innovative Ian

Ian is a forward-thinking Director of Product Development at a mid-sized tech company

  • Demographics: 45 years old, lives in San Francisco, married with two kids, income range of $150,000-$200,000.
  • Goals: To bring innovative products to market quickly and efficiently.
  • Motivations: Loves the thrill of seeing a product go from concept to reality.
  • Challenges: Balancing innovation with practicality and budget constraints.
  • Frustrations: Internal resources are often stretched thin, slowing down the product development process.
  • Identifiers: Always on the lookout for the latest tech trends, active on LinkedIn.
  • Quote: “We need to innovate faster. Our competitors are not waiting around.”


As a Director of Product Development, Ian would likely engage with YOUR COMPANY for its product conceptualization and development services. He would appreciate YOUR COMPANY’s focus on early-stage concept development and prototyping, which aligns with his goal of bringing innovative products to market quickly and efficiently

Customer Journey

Awareness:Discovers YOUR COMPANY through a LinkedIn post shared by a colleague.
Consideration:Visits YOUR COMPANY’s website to learn more about its services, particularly early-stage concept development and prototyping.
Decision:Contacts YOUR COMPANY to discuss a potential project and is impressed by the team’s quick response and practical solutions.
Action:Engages YOUR COMPANY for a product development project.
Retention:Continues to use YOUR COMPANY’s services for future projects due to their speed and efficiency.


Ian might believe that YOUR COMPANY’s focus on early-stage concept development and prototyping means that the company doesn’t offer comprehensive product development services. He might not realize that YOUR COMPANY can support the entire product development process, from initial brainstorming to resolution of production issues

Chat with Ian here:

Messaging Strategy:

Ian values innovation and efficiency. He’s interested in how to streamline the product development process and bring innovative products to market quickly.

Share posts that highlight YOUR COMPANY’s innovative projects, efficiency in product development, and thought leadership in the field. Engage with Ian by asking questions related to product development challenges and how to overcome them.

Targeted Content Calendar, sample:

  • Week 1 “How YOUR COMPANY Transformed an Idea into a Market-Ready Product in Record Time”
  • Week 2 “The Top 5 Challenges in Product Development and How YOUR COMPANY Overcomes Them”
  • Week 3 “A Behind-the-Scenes Look at YOUR COMPANY’s Innovative Product Design Process”
  • Week 4 “How Speed and Efficiency in Product Development Gives You a Competitive Edge”