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Welcome to the place where innovation meets intelligence. Our cutting-edge Financial GPTs are revolutionizing the way businesses navigate the world of finance. From strategic foresight to customer insights and innovation practices, we are your trusted partners in the AI-driven future of business.

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FCG Financial Agents

Unlock the full potential of our Financial GPTs with a ChatGPT+ subscription. Don’t have one yet? Subscribe through OpenAI, and enjoy these powerful tools at no extra cost beyond your ChatGPT+ account. 

Simply click on a GPT to begin. When you do, you’ll be directed to ChatGPT for interaction with the agent. Please note that you will no longer be on the Fletter Consulting Group website. Fletter Consulting Group will not have any knowledge of your usage. Rest assured, FCG does not have access to your conversations; they are securely stored within your ChatGPT account and are subject to OpenAI’s privacy policy. 

FCG does not view or collect any information shared on OpenAI or through the use of these GPTs.


Finley The Financial Chief​

Empower your financial leadership with Finley, our seasoned Financial Chief GPT. Gain strategic insights, optimize budgets, and maximize financial growth.
Unlock CFO Excellence!

Max The Market Maven​

Navigate the stock market like never before with Max, our Market Maven GPT. Unlock insights into corporate finance, business valuation, and investment strategies.
Discover Market Insights!

Ella the Economic Analyst

Make informed decisions based on economic trends with Ella, our Economic Analyst GPT. Her innovative predictions are your key to success.
Ignite Economic Intelligence!

Tom the Treasury Expert

Ensure financial integrity and transparency with Tom, our Treasury Expert GPT. From financial strategy to regulatory compliance, he's got you covered.
Navigate Financial Stewardship!

About Us

At FCG, we are on a mission to empower businesses with cutting-edge AI solutions. With a track record of success in the global healthcare sector, our founder, Paul Fletter, has paved the way for authentic innovation. Our Financial GPTs are just the beginning. We’re driven by a passion for helping businesses thrive through the power of AI.

Our commitment to excellence, backed by a team of experts, sets us apart. Whether you’re looking to enhance your financial strategy, gain customer insights, or pioneer innovation practices, we have the expertise to guide you.

Join us on this journey of innovation, and together, we’ll shape the future of your business.


"I've always been curious about finance, and FCG's Financial GPTs have made it easy to explore financial strategies without any financial risk. It's like having a free financial advisor in my pocket. Kudos to FCG!"
Household Manager
"I can brainstorm financial ideas and get a sense of direction without the extra cost. FCG, you've made my life easier!"
small business owner
"These GPTs have been a game-changer for my finance studies. They offer real-world financial advice, helping bridge the gap between theory and practice."
Full Time Student

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