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The Chicago AI Mastermind Group is an exclusive, future-focused community of business leaders who are committed to supercharging productivity and embracing cutting-edge technologies.

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Our group meets virtually, twice monthly, on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of every month at 10:00 am CT

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Unlock AI with Like-Minded Leaders

Meet with other future-focused business leaders twice a month in a candid setting to explore cutting-edge strategies, technologies, and insights. The FCG Mastermind Group is your gateway to innovation, growth, and unparalleled success. This group is designed to inspire, challenge, and transform your approach to business in the modern era. It’s more than a meeting; it’s a revolution in thinking and action.

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Join an elite community dedicated to innovation, collaboration, and success.
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Stay ahead of the curve with regular meetings, expert insights, and actionable takeaways.
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Benefit from a community that understands your goals and supports your growth.

The Concept of a Mastermind Group

A Mastermind Group is a peer-to-peer mentoring concept where individuals meet regularly to tackle challenges and problems together. They lean on each other, give advice, share connections, and do business with each other when appropriate. It’s a synergy of energy, commitment, and excitement that participants bring to a Mastermind Group. The beauty of Mastermind Groups is that participants raise the bar by challenging each other to create and implement goals, brainstorm ideas, and support each other with total honesty, respect, and compassion.

Frequently Asked Questions

The FCG Mastermind Group is a community of future-focused business leaders who meet twice a month to explore innovative strategies, technologies, and insights. It’s a platform for collaboration, learning, and growth.

The group is open to business leaders, executives, and innovators who are passionate about embracing the future of business and technology.

Meetings are held regularly on the 2nd and 4th Fridays at 10am Central Time (Chicago). Currently, meetings are conducted online, allowing members to join from anywhere.

Each meeting includes introductions, a topic presentation by an expert or member, and a roundtable discussion. The agenda is designed to foster engagement, collaboration, and actionable insights.

Members enjoy exclusive access to expert presentations, collaborative discussions, networking opportunities, continuous learning, and personalized support from a community of like-minded leaders.

We occasionally offer guest passes for interested individuals to experience a meeting before committing to membership. Please contact us for availability.

The FCG Mastermind Group is uniquely focused on innovation, technology, and future-driven strategies. It’s a community that goes beyond networking to provide real value, insights, and transformation.

Feel free to contact us directly through our website or email. Our team is here to assist you with any inquiries you may have.

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Level Up with the Most Innovative Strategies Out There

Ready to lead, innovate, and thrive in the AI-driven world?

The FCG Mastermind Group is more than a meeting; it’s a transformative journey.

Do you want to strategize?

The Chicago AI Mastermind Group is tailored for business leaders looking to leverage AI strategically within their organizations, we understand that the heart of innovation often lies in development. If you are a business leader looking to implement solutions, you are in the right place. 

Do you want to build solutions?

We are proud to host another community for developers, too! If you’re more hands-on with AI, coding, and creating groundbreaking technologies, the AI Builders Guild is designed for you. This vibrant community is the perfect place for developers to collaborate, share insights, and push the boundaries of what AI can achieve.

Join a community of like-minded developers and turn your AI visions into reality: Explore the AI Builders Guild.