Basic Bot: AI-Powered Chatbot Starter Package

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Enter the AI arena with ‘Basic Bot,’ your AI chatbot that converses, connects, and converts. It’s the smart start to automating customer interactions and sparking delight. The ‘Basic Bot’ Starter Package is meticulously crafted to provide your business with an intelligent chatbot capable of conversational engagement, powered by the latest AI technology.


Welcome to the forefront of digital transformation with ‘Basic Bot’ – your gateway to AI-powered customer interactions. The Basic Bot Package is meticulously designed to equip your business with a smart chatbot that excels in engaging conversations, all powered by the latest in AI technology. Seamlessly integrated into your website, Basic Bot becomes the primary touchpoint for your clients, providing an intuitive and responsive conversational experience.

Additionally, we offer a robust one-year maintenance plan for your AI-driven Customer Persona Bot. This plan ensures your bot remains at the cutting edge, with continuous support, updates, and routine maintenance. Our dedicated team is on standby to address any challenges and evolve your bot alongside market trends and business objectives, ensuring uninterrupted customer engagement and enduring value.

Choosing our service means gaining a strategic ally in Fletter Consulting Group. We oversee the seamless operation of your chatbot, integrating it flawlessly into your business ecosystem.

Your ‘Basic Bot’ Starter Package Includes:

  • Custom implementation of a basic AI chatbot on your site.
  • Up to 5,000 chat interactions per month.
  • Monthly AI cost credits up to $5.
  • Hosting and data storage solutions.
  • Basic analytics for insight into user engagement.
  • Ongoing maintenance and customer support.
  • Direct access to Paul Fletter for strategic insights, up to 30 minutes.

This package is perfect for businesses eager to embrace AI technology for enhanced customer engagement, offering scalability to grow functionalities as you become more comfortable with AI and automation.

The package encompasses: An initial build of your Chatbot and a comprehensive 12-month maintenance plan.

Premium Add-Ons for Enhanced Functionality:

  • Lead Generation Module for seamless lead qualification.
  • Sentiment Analysis for deeper emotional insights.
  • Customizable Conversational Personalities to match your brand’s voice.
  • Advanced Reporting for strategic decision-making.
  • Multi-Language Support to cater to a global audience.
  • Extensive API, Webhooks, and 3rd Party Integrations for expanded capabilities.


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